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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 【Product Service】Potted / Bulbs Only【产品服务】有盆植物 / 无盆植物
    Our products are categorised into potted bulbs or bulbs only in every listing on our website. The potted bulbs will be potted with either ceramic pots or plastic pots. The potting mixes will be succulent soil mixes or sand mixes. The bulbs only are the plant without soil and pot. Singapore customers ordered in Singapore The potted bulbs are available for Singapore Only. For international buyer orders outside of Singapore The potting mixes are not available for International shipment due to soil or sand mix is not allowed. We treat all plants with pesticides and fungicides before international shipment. We keep bare root or bare leave conditions to prevent de-hydrate during shipment. But if you are interested in any of our pot designs in the listing, you may check with us. //____________________________________________________________________// 我们的产品列表将归类于有盆植物还是无盆植物,您也可以查询我们的每个产品列表详情。我们只提供花盆泥土服务给新加坡买家。 如果您在新加坡购买我们的植物,我们有提供花盆泥土服务,花盆选项有陶瓷和塑料的材料。泥土选项则是仙人掌混搭泥土。 如果您在新加坡而外购买我们的植物,泥土花盆服务是没有提供。如果您有对我们任何花盆有兴趣,您可以向我们询问。国际邮寄服务时不应许我们发植物与泥土。
  • 【Product Service】Wholesale Plants / Bulbs Only【产品服务】批发植物
    Our core business is indoor plants with plant export and import. Over a year, we served more than thousands of international buyers with the word of mouth. We provide wholesale plant service including the Phytosanitary Certificate and Standard International shipping. Our plant list is below : Stephania Erecta Stephania Suberosa Stephania Nova Phyllanthus Mirabilis Firminia Colorata Sinningia Leucotricha Amorphophallus Atroviridis Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius Epipremnum Pinnatum Marble Variegated And more if you are interested or have any inquiries, please reach us at what-app +65 87789133 (TEY) or drop us an email //__________________________________________________________________________________________// 我们的核心业务是居家室内植物,包括出口和进口。我们也在短短一年里服务了超过千个国际买家,同时也获得大家的支持和认可。 我们提供一系列植物批发其中包括出口文件和国际邮寄服务。我们的产品系类在以下 圆叶山乌龟 龟状山乌龟 一叶龟 稀有山乌龟 奇異油柑 火桐 断崖女王 - 月宴 黑葉魔芋 - 塊根植物 疣柄魔芋- 塊根植物 麒麟叶 大理石 还有其他 如果您有兴趣还是有什么问题,欢迎您向我们查询或者whatapp 我+65 87789133 【峻豪】 或者可以发电邮给我们
  • 【Product Service】Product Disclaimer【产品服务】产品资料免责声明
    Every Plant/bulb is Unique, All plants/bulbs will have differences in shape, colour , and size. All come with nature. We do our best to portray our plants at the listing as accurately as possible. Plants/bulb is lives, it has a growth cycle, and has dormancy status. It needs some time to adjust to the new environment. You may monitor the moisture of the soil and take note of any changes to its leaves. You may share with us any questions related to our plants/bulbs via Instagram @duoleaf or email us at Enjoy! //__________________________________________________________________________________________// 每棵植物都有特别样子,形状,颜色和体积。它们都是原始土生土长。我们会把每棵植物以最相识照片上传照片去产品系类。请您放心。 每棵植物都有生命力,它会有一般生长和冬眠周期。它需要一些时间在新的环境里来适应。这时候您只是保持它的泥土保湿和关注它的叶子变动。 我们欢迎您在我们社交媒体里来分享任何植物问题还是生长过程. Instagram @duoleaf 或 电邮到 祝您种植愉快
  • 【Post Order】What To Do If You Receive The Plants / Bulbs 【下单之后】收到植物后,该怎么处理?
    All our plants/bulbs are well packed in parcels. Firstly, you may start to unpack the parcel and take the plants in an indoor environment. When you pick up the bulb, you may see the bulb surface has a white stem from the node. It is a normal growing or sprouting reaction from plants/bulbs due to lacking sunlight during shipment. If you have a ready pot and soil, you may start to do potting with soil and place it at any indoor place where it can expose more sunlight. Preferable near the window area. If you don't have a ready pot yet, you may take the bulb/plant and place it at any indoor place where it can expose more sunlight for a few days, until you found a suitable pot. The bulb/plant is pretty okay if it is left without soil or water for a few days. PM us if you have questions, Check with us for more information, or follow our stories on our Instagram & Facebook. We are always there with you to grow. //__________________________________________________________________________________________// 我们的植物都以箱子来包装 第一,您先把箱子打开,把里面的植物拿出来放在室内地方。当您您发现植物上有白色的发芽,它是正常的发芽现象。白色芽的原因是这颗植物在运输时缺乏阳光。 如果您提先准备花盆和泥土,您也可以开始种植它,摆放在室内任何一个地方, 有充足阳光就好。建议靠近室内窗口。 如果您还来不及准备花盆和泥土,您也可以把它先暂时摆放几天在室内任何一个地方, 有充足阳光就好。直到您找到适合花盆。这些植物生命力很强,几天没水没泥土都能。 如果您有什么疑问,欢迎您来询问资料,关注我们故事和社交媒体 Instagram & Facebook . 我们会陪着您一起种植。
  • 【Refunds Policies】Your Order Damages / Cancellation【退款条规】您的订单损坏/取消
    We understand that all buyer concerns about special incidents may occur occasionally, especially for international shipments or Singapore Nationwide Delivery. For example, plants/bulbs are damaged, confiscated, and rotten may occur occasionally, it is on case to case basis. Please read the disclaimer below. Plants/Bulbs are shipped at the buyer’s risk [International Shipment]. We will ensure the plant is properly packed. In case the plant is damaged during rough transit, it is beyond our responsibility. However, if certain plants rot or die in the box, please contact us within 3 days. Take photos of the box and plants when arrive. In case it arrived in bad condition. We will send you a replacement or a refund. But please note that the refundable will be deducted shipping cost. Buyers should check the customs for bringing plants into the country with or without requiring a phytosanitary certificate or any restrictions on your customs [International Shipment]. We won't take responsibility for any items if the plants were confiscated at your customs. Any dispute, request refund, cancel the order (charged 5%), or any wrong information, the buyer needs to inform our team within 1 business day after ordering to avoid the unnecessary cost incurred. If you have any questions, please share them with us and send us an inbox. We will assist you as soon as possible. //__________________________________________________________________________________________// 我们了解所有的买家都担心一些意外发生在国际邮寄和新加坡本地发货。比如植物损坏,被没收,植物腐烂等事件,我们会以每个情况而定。请您看一下的。 植物在运输时是由买家承担风险。我们会以最好的包装方式发货。您的植物在特别运输情况下损坏,这不是我们的责任范围内。如果您的植物发现腐烂或干枯在箱子里,请您在3天内联系我们。记得拍箱子和植物的照片。如果是真的情况发生,我们会从新发货或者退款。退款的金额会扣除邮寄费用。 买家需要查询您的关卡是否需要特别进口文件,和能不能带植物进来您的国家。我们是不会负责如果任何物品被您的海关没收。 凡事有任何争议,退款,取消订单(征收5%), 或者错误资料,买家需在1天之内通知我们团队以避免不必要的费用。 如果您有什么问题,欢迎您向我们询问,我们会最短时间内回复您。
  • 【Purchase】Accepted Payment Method【下单】接受付款方式
    We accepted all sorts of payments below: Singapore Local Bank Transfer [ Paynow, Paylah, or Singapore Local Bank Transfer ] POSB Bank Account : 1206645820 [ Duoleaf ] Paynow / Paylah : +65 87789133 [ Tey Chin Hao ] Malaysia local Bank Transfer [ MAE, Local Bank Transfer ] Maybank Account Number: 101263171751 [ Tey Chin Hao ] PAYPAL Alipay Credit / Debit Cards from all international banks - Strips [ Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay, JCB, Diners, CartesBancaires, Discover, Electron, Maestro ] If you using Paynow / Paylah / Maybank transfer, please do a screenshot after you transfer via Whatapp at 65 8788-9133 [Tey Chin Hao] as a record reference. //__________________________________________________________________________________________// 我们接受所有付款方式以下: 新加坡本地银行转账【 Paynow, Paylah or Singapore Local Bank Transfer 】 POSB 银行户口: 1206645820 【 Duoleaf 】 Paynow / Paylah : +65 87789133 【 Tey Chin Hao 】 马来西亚本地银行转账 【 MAE, Local Bank Transfer 】 Maybank Account Number: 101263171751 【 Tey Chin Hao 】 贝宝 支付宝 国际信用卡 Strips [Visa, 万事达, 美国运通, 银联, JCB, Diners, CartesBancaires, Discover, Electron, Maestro] 如果您使用新加坡本地银行转账【 Paynow, paylah, maybank transfer 】请您在转发后截屏照片到的Whatapp 65 87789133 【Tey Chin Hao】 记入资料。
  • 【International Custom】International Buyer / Import Buyer【国际关卡】国际买家 / 进口买家
    International Buyer / Import Buyer Important Notes : The package will be shipped directly from Thailand via Standard Small Package Airmail and it will take about 10 -30 business days. It may take a longer time depending on the clearance at your customs. All parcels will be declared as gifts. And minimize the value of the plants in CN22 form around 30 USD / 1000 THB. Buyer responsible for your importing TAX if required. For Customers in only the United States, The USDA permits to import the plant products to the USA without your import permit papers, if they are lower than 13 plants with the phytosanitary certificate. For the plant products that are more than 12 plants, you have to send a copy of the papers import permit papers to us so we can get the phytosanitary certificate for you. Some USA state may required more documents which is post-entry quarantine from USDA. Especially for Phyllanthus Mirabilis species . For customers in only EU (European Union), We provide the phytosanitary certificate for you. To ship the plant with/without the phytosanitary certificate to your country will be the buyer's risk. We are not responsible for custom confiscation. For Customers in only Australia, you have to send a copy of your import permit papers to us so we can get the phytosanitary certificate for you. It is very hard to import the plant to Australia. You should check with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) on import requirements. And in case you cant provide us import permit, we will send it without a Certificate. For Customers in only Canada, We have a new option which is convenient. Customers may choose Express + Import permit (Our agency will provide an import permit and Express shipping, it will take 5-7 Business days Also can combine many plants in one shipmen) For Customers in Brazil and Mexico, your customs may be strict to import the plant to your country. You should contact your customs for the import permit before ordering. And in case you cant provide us import permit, we will send it without a Certificate. 国际买家/进口买家提示
  • 【International Custom】Phytosanitary Certificate【国际关卡】出口准证
    We provide phytosanitary certificates for all countries. The application for a phytosanitary certificate is only open on a weekday and except on public holidays in Thailand. International buyers from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia required an import permit from the buyer side of your country. we provide an optional express service to International buyers [ Only Apply to USA, ALASKA, HAWAII, CANADA, UK, EUROPE, NORWAY, SWITZERLAND, RUSSIA, BELARUS, KAZAKHSTAN, SINGAPORE, AND HONG KONG] with a one-stop forwarder. The optional express service included of buyer's import permit and express shipment. The express shipment takes 3 to 5 working days to arrive in the USA after we dispatch the parcel. (with tracking number). The cost of optional express service will be based on the total weightage of plants and the box dimension after we packed. We can estimate the weightage for you after you finalized your order. (We will pack it in a cost-effective for all customers if choose this option) you may check with us, it saves time and processes to get your plants one time. Note : a phytosanitary certificate is an official declaration stating that plants and plant material exporting are free from pests and diseases, to prevent the introduction and spread of any pests in the importing countries. 我们提供出口准证去所有国家。一般出口准证只开放在周日
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