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What Will You Get: 

1 Bulb of Stephania Erecta L size (your selection)

1 Free Bulb (XS-S size Seller pick)


Bulbs Dimension:  

Actual bulb and size as in the photo


Bulb (s) Treatment With Pesticide and Fungicide. 

• Bulb with bare roots or without any leaves to prevent de-hydrate.  


Available International Shipment Only (Dispatch from Thailand) 

For Australia, Canada, Mexcio, Brazil and Singapore.

Please read " Export Buyer Info " before you purchase our plants :)


Provided Phytosanitary Certificate and Tracking Number

Grade A - Stephania Erecta Craib (L size) 圓葉山烏龜 - 居家风水植物

  • Suitable

    Indoor plant for residential or commercial places. Fengshui Decoration

    Light & Water 

    Partial or full Sunlight and Keep the soil slightly moist.

    Pet & Children

    Keep away from children and pets as the plants might be toxic when ingested. 


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