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Our Stories

Duoleaf was started by a couple who are enthusiastic about the

caudex collection in Thailand and Singapore during 2020. 

We share our caudex hobbies online on social platforms and into an online business. 

Until today, we collected more than many thousand Caudex as well as  

experienced to export more than a thousand plants and people's word around the  worldwide. 

We are excited to have more plants to share the joys to international plant lover.

Connecting People to Plants

The Stephania Erecta  (圆叶山乌龟 - 居家风水植物) , also known as Stephania pierrei, hails from Thailand and is characterized by a large, woody bulb known as a caudex (this is the potato part) from which sprout multiple tall, slender, straight stalks (the “erecta” part).


Stephania Erecta

It is an Indoor plants with low maintenance, low watering and easy for beginners to start from scratch or zero knowledge about plants.

 The plant has a positive energy flow into your house (Fengshui). We also place it as one of home decoration especially near window, or your TV console or Foyer area.

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