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Friendly Plants Safe for Pets or Children

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

We found some of external plant health topic discussed that stephania's leave has toxic toward pets like cat or dog at home. Duoleaf also have have cats at home, he's name called Poppy , Poppy doesn't have any issue with health concern until today.

From most of the article stated that the Stephania's leave is harmful to pets. We agree the statement that the leave may harmful to pets if they want to eat the leave.

Usually from our plant experience, pets like to play around stephania's leave or bulb when owner around. but not to worry.

“When you away from your children, children is always in danger no matter where is the place.”

We understand some of plants are highly chemical endanger to your skin or health issue , specially to children. As a plant collector or beginner , just be aware of children take the leave and 'eat' the leave when you not around


We shared a lot of stories about caudex in Stephania series. (#duoleaf #stephaniaereca #duoleafreview)

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