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Starting As Stephania's Beginner

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Welcome to your Duo Leaf blog.

This is a Stephania Erecta, Succulent series. It looks a potato colour brown, round green leave and cute trend in plant series .

“Nothing is hard, just about passion and patience.”

Look at this cute green leave.

When you plan to collect your first Stephania Erecta

For my experience, i was thinking to get a live plant to try it during global lockdown at home. Honestly , I never had any experience to have plants, especially for indoor or small type or easy to care as beginner. Same as you !

I remembered when i started a stephania erecta were late of 2020 september. i reliazed it is fun and super easy to start. especially to watering time, sunlight or fertlizing period . (#duoleaf #stepahniaerecata #exoticplants)

When come to sprouting time , I spend around 1 week to see the green sprout form the bulb surface and excited to see overall growth process from 1 week to 16 weeks.

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