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🌱  Firmiana Colorata / Sterculia Colorata / Approx size W6.3 H14


This member of the Sterculiaceae family. It is found in southern Yunnan (India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam), growing on limestone or other well-drained soil. It will grow into a slim tree with a stem 60 centimeters in diameter and fifteen meters high. The flowers are red-orange. The plant goes dormant during winter and loses leaves. Young trees are grown from a bulb/caudex and can be grown as a bonsai plant 






• Bulb with bare roots or without any leaves to prevent dehydration.    


International Shipping:

• We provided standard international shipping by Thailand Post with a tracking number. 


Phytosanitary Certificate is Included: 

• A phytosanitary Certificate is provided to all buyers, except for the exclusion list.  

Preparation time for the plant document and plant treatment [within 8 business days] 

Apply for a Phytonisatary Certificate in Thailand is only for the normal business days Monday to Friday. 


Phytonisatry Certificate Exclusion list:

• Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia require an import permit before we [seller] can apply phytosanitary certificate for you in Thailand.


✈️  Shipping Policy 


International Shipping available:

• Please check the restrictions of your country before making an order.


The package will be shipped directly from Thailand:

• Via Standard Small Package Airmail and it will take about 10 - 30 business days. It may take a longer time depending on the clearance at your customs.


All parcels will be declared as gifts: 

• In order to minimize the value of the plants in CN22 form around 30 USD / 1000 THB. Buyer responsible for your importing TAX if required.

Firmiana colorata / Sterculia colorata (220g)

  • Suitable

    Indoor plant for residential or commercial places. Fengshui Decoration

    Light & Water 

    Partial or full Sunlight and Keep the soil slightly moist.

    Pet & Children

    Keep away from children and pets as the plants might be toxic when ingested. 


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